Affordable Business Transcription

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Affordable Business Transcription

Internet based software technology is used in business transcription to provide affordable services to global clients.  Skilled workforce in India maintains high standard quality transcription, which is why India is an outsourcing destiny that is much sought after.  Transcription companies in India are providing accurate and affordable transcription services in medical transcription, legal transcription, media transcription, church transcription and covers very many other important arenas.

There are two ways in which the raw data is uploaded to transcription companies.  The first method uses audio files that are uploaded on to a FTP.  This low cost service acts within no time.  The audio files can be in any format such as .wav, mp3, dss Olympus, vox, windows Media, msv and dvf files Sony Recorders, Philips Digital Recorder format, Sanyo Digital Recorder format and more. When the audio quality is good then the transcription quality stands good.

The second method involves direct dictation via dedicated phone lines.  The receiver directly gets the audio feed and does the transcription work.  Here you have fast access to working data and the process can be initiated anytime.  When bulk transcription jobs are not there, this is the preferred mode of business transcription work.  When there are immediate transcription requirements, you directly opt for phone based methods.

Outsourcing Business transcription to Pilottech

  • Assurance that your work will be done by highly qualified and specialized professionals in your area of focus.
  • The transcriptions are processed using the latest technologies.
  • Availability of highly responsive support ensures that you can trace the progress of your work at any given time.  The support operates on a 24/7 basis.

The benefits of outsourcing to Pilottech

  • The charges are highly competitive and affordable for business transcription.
  • You are assured that qualified personnel will handle your business transcriptions.
  • The accuracy level is very high and your products will be delivered at over 99% precision.

Services guarantee

To be assured of Pilottech services, you can take the free trial transcription service for your first order of business transcription.  This is a great chance for you to pre-test what we offer while we showcase our commitment to quality and results